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Everything started with a discovery. Our chickens marinated for 12-14 hours with the unique sauces and various spices and herbs with the recipes reserved by us have transformed into an incredible taste story.

As Tavuk Dünyası, we are preparing our menus with the inspiration gained from various cuisines across the world in our own R&D kitchen under the leadership of master chef with unique margination method and secret recipes hosting world’s tastes.

We are offering delicate chicken, delicious scalloped pasta and crispy Mediterranean salad from our menu appealing to Turkish palatal delight on large porcelain plates and welcoming our guests in our elegant and chick restaurants with a quality approach. 

In a short period of time of 5 years, since the opening of our first restaurant, we have served more than 15 millions of people at over 140 locations in more than 35 cities.