Qualifications we sought for in franchise candidates

Having an entrepreneur spirit and willing to succeed, preferably being successful in past professional experiences, willing to spend entire working hours for Tavuk Dünyası, having the financial means and resources to cover the investment required for Tavuk Dünyası. Those are the main qualifications we sought in the candidates who are willing to be be a franchisee.

Franchise Grant Process

The franchise preliminary application form shall be filled by the candidate. In accordance with the form evaluated by Tavuk Dünyası, an initial interview shall be arranged with the candidate. If any, the candidate location shall be visited and a feasibility study shall be conducted. In case the candidate location and the candidate are approved, the architectural project shall be drawn. Afterwards, the implementation of the architectural project shall be initiated. Personnel recruitment and training shall be directed by tavuk Dünyası. Each phase until the opening shall be supported, controlled and the required entire guidance shall be provided by the operation team of Tavuk Dünyası.

No regional franchise shall be granted in any cities of Turkey.

We accept franchise applications for every cities.

Turkey Franchise

You may contact us on the following phone number for further information on our Turkey franchise terms and conditions.

0216 366 21 21

Overseas Franchise

"You may contact us by sending your inquiries to e-mail address for further information on our overseas franchise terms and conditions."

Franchise Application Form

Note: Please fill the form completely. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

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