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Our Dream

At Tavuk Dünyası, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality, delicious, and affordable meal in an atmosphere of appreciation and respect.

We strive to provide an exceptional dining experience for our customers, with a commitment to providing the best quality food at an affordable price. Our attentive and professional staff are on hand to ensure that you feel valued and appreciated, creating a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

Our Brand Identity

Tavuk Dünyası's brand idea is ‘variety is the spice of life’. It provides an inspirational explanation of why we do what we do, and aims to ensure that everyone in the company shares the same conviction with regards to our purpose.

Our Manifest

We believe that life becomes more enjoyable when we are open to new experiences. That's when we wake to the new delicacies, we are refreshed and renewed!


Now, it's time to forget all the chicken delicacies you have known so far... A very special chicken inspired by rich spices and sauces from all across the world, prepared with exclusive marinated as well as an amazing and delighting taste... We invite everyone to taste this stimulating delicacy that goes beyond expectations thanks to our balanced, satisfying service and affordable prices.


And for this very reason, we welcome all the beauty and diversity that life has to offer, and we explore the delicacies that bring spice to life!

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