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Required Qualifications of our Franchise Candidates

Having an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, preferably being successful in previous work experiences, ready to fully dedicate themselves to Tavuk Dünyası and holding financial resources, are among the required qualifications for our franchise candidates.

Franchising Process

The candidate fills in the pre-application form for franchise. The first interview with the candidate is conducted with reference to the form evaluated by Tavuk Dünyası. Prospective location, if any, is visited and on-site feasibility studies are conducted. If the candidate and prospective location are eligible, architectural project is drawn. Subsequently, architectural project implementation is initiated. Staff recruitment and training are administered by Tavuk Dünyası. All stages up to the opening are supported, checked and accordingly directed by operational team of Tavuk Dünyası.


Regional dealership is not granted in any city of Türkiye. We accept dealership applications for each city separately.

Franchise in Turkey

Please fill the Franchise Application Form below to contuct us and to discuss franchising process in Turkey.

International Franchising

Please contact us at below email to learn more about international franchising process.

Franchise Application Form

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Location Details

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