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Expansion of Tavuk Dünyası in Spain!

04 September 2023, Monday

Growing in foreign markets without slowing down with its brand "Gagawa", Tavuk Dünyası increased the number of its restaurants to six in Spain.


Facing Europe in its foreign investments with the aim of becoming a global brand, Tavuk Dünyası opened its sixth restaurant with the ‘Gagawa’ brand in Spain. The new restaurant has started to provide service at Marineda City mall in A Coruña. Tavuk Dünyası also has restaurants in the capital Madrid and in Malaga.


Volkan Mumcu, the CEO of Tavuk Dünyası stated that: "We operate abroad with our brand Gagawa. Tavuk Dünyası grows rapidly in the foreign market with Gagawa while continuing to assume a leading role in its own field. We have entered into Europe market in the last October as part of our goal to become a global brand. We made our first investment in Madrid, the capital of Spain. We are happy to open six restaurants in such a short time."


Emphasizing that they still receive franchising requests from several countries, Mumcu said: "We act within a comprehensive plan in countries where we can achieve real success abroad. We have the opportunity to review and evaluate European countries more closely through our restaurants in Spain."


‘The Spanish also liked the menus of Tavuk Dünyası’


He underlines that they have conducted various market research in Europe while developing their products and concepts and states: "In addition to our popular menus that won the favor of Turkish consumers, we have enriched our menu with new delicacies that appeal to the taste buds of our Spanish consumers. In our new branches, we offer à la carte service to our guests with our distinctive delicacies in a nice atmosphere where they will feel good."

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