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Inspired from the spices all over the world, Tavuk Dünyası renewed its corporate Identity!

01 June 2023, Thursday

We explained our brand transformation story through answers to questions!


1) What do you think is the secret of the success of Tavuk Dünyası? Could you please give some information?

As Tavuk Dünyası, while serving our wide range of tastes, which are prepared by taking inspiration from Turkish local delicacies and international cuisines and appeal to different tastes, in huge porcelain plates of 49 cm in our distinctive style that is appealing both to the eye and tummy, we host millions of guests at our comfortable and cozy restaurants every year.

Our priority goal was to bring flavor and quality together and offer an authentic restaurant experience to our guests. Thanks to our unique and wholesome delicacies served in huge plates and the cozy restaurant experience we offer as well as our innovative service understanding that takes dynamics of the industry, we have achieved a very successful graph of growth in the last 11 years.


2. Why did Tavuk Dünyası change its visual world?

We renewed our visual world with the aim of offering a more colourful and vivid experience to our customers! We believe that new experiences make the life more enjoyable. With this point of view, we aimed to offer our guests a more lively world through our new visual world. We embrace all colours life gives us thanks to this renewal. With our new world, we are embarking on a brand new journey where we will explore colours of the life together with our guests at each step of Tavuk Dünyası experience.


Tavuk Dünyası


3. What inspired you while designing your visual world?

New visual identity growing upon the brand equity "Tavuk Dünyası Brings Spice to Life!" is inspired by the rich visuals and dazzling colours of spices all around the world. Spices are indispensable for our authentic delicacies. In our new brand world, we wanted to create a visual richness that "brings spice to life" through the new experiences we offer, based on the vividness and colors of spices.


Tavuk Dünyası


4. What would you like to say about the design of your brand's new logo?

With this major renewal that Tavuk Dünyası has made its brand identity ever since its establishment in 2012, the logo of our brand has also been renewed. Our new logo has a simpler design in line with the needs of the digital world and it contains fun and friendly design elements. The fact that new logo is recognizable despite the change supports the maintenance of the friendly connection that Tavuk Dünyası has established with its guests.


Tavuk Dünyası


Tavuk Dünyası




Tavuk Dünyası



5. Are we going to see new delicacies along with your new visual world?

Of course! We continue to enrich our menu for good with our delicacies appealing to the taste buds of our guests. We have recently added the Bi'Margarita delicacy to our menu which brings the margarita sauce of Italian cuisine to the tables with a Mediterranean breeze, and our Chicken with Mustard sauce delicacy, in which our master chefs combine chicken, blended with fresh spices and cream, with delicious mustard sauce. We will continue to study without slowing down in order to offer new delicacies.



Tavuk Dünyası



6. What are the future goals of Tavuk Dünyası?

We strive to carry out various projects in terms of restaurant experience, flavor, service, accessibility, innovative practices, and digitalized solutions, and to offer the best experience to our guests. We will continue to push the limits by always aiming for the better and renewing ourselves in line with our customers' expectations in terms of taste and experience.



Tavuk Dünyası



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