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Tavuk Dünyası's Special Truck On The Roads!

03 August 2023, Thursday

Tavuk Dünyası took part in festivals, concerts, and university events which were organized in several cities across the country with a concept of catering vehicles specially designed to bring its exclusive delicacies with the flavor enthusiasts. "Truck of Delicacies" of Tavuk Dünyası first brought Tavuk Dünyası delicacies with the festival guests at the concerts held in 10 cities as part of the Fanta Fest music festival.


As one of the leading brands in the food and beverage industry, Tavuk Dünyası introduced its exclusive delicacies to thousands of people with its "Truck of Delicacies" at various outdoor events organized across Türkiye this summer.


Setting off with the slogan of "Good food means sharing and being together", "Truck of Delicacies" introduced its delicacies to the guests during the greatest mobile music festival in Türkiye.


For the "Fanta Fest", during which popular voices took the stage, tickets were purchased by collecting scores on "Daha Daha" application of Coca-Cola and were not sold separately.


Tavuk Dünyası also invited the festival participants to entertainment as well as delicacies through games and activities such as Chickencatch, Çarkıfelek, Hashtag and Mirror.


The cities that the Truck of Delicacies visited and the dates are as follows:


  • 16 August – BURSA
  • 19 August – İZMİR
  • 21 August – DENİZLİ
  • 23 August – ANTALYA
  • 26 August – ADANA
  • 29 August – GAZİANTEP
  • 31 August – KAYSERİ
  • 02 September – SAMSUN
  • 04 September – ANKARA
  • 06 September – KOCAELİ
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