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The Turkish Basketball Federation and Tavuk Dünyası Conclude Sponsorship Agreement.

02 August 2023, Wednesday

With the agreement concluded between the Turkish Basketball Federation and Tavuk Dünyası - one of the leading companies of the food and beverage industry, Tavuk Dünyası became the official sponsor of national teams.

Signature Ceremony was held with the participation of the President of the Turkish Basketball Federation Hidayet Türkoğlu, the CEO of Tavuk Dünyası Volkan Mumcu, the Board Members of the TBF, the Executives of TBF and Tavuk Dünyası as well as the press members at Sinan Erdem Dome.

Founded in 2012 and offering its delicacies to its customers in 53 cities of Türkiye, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Spain at more than 290 restaurants, Tavuk Dünyası will serve as the official nutrition sponsor of national teams for the next two years within the scope of the agreement concluded.

Hidayet Türkoğlu, the President of Turkish Basketball Federation said: "We are excited and happy as Tavuk Dünyası, one of the leading brands of food and beverage industry in our country, has become a member of our basketball family as the 'Official Nutrition Sponsor of National Teams.' Serving delicious meals to its consumers at affordable prices at its restaurants available both across Türkiye and at different locations around the world, Tavuk Dünyası will support Turkish Basketball and our national teams for the next 2 years with the motto of "Good Team, Good Food." While taking firms steps to ensure that our basketball team is confident about the feature, we are also empowered with an ever increasing number of business partners choosing to prosper with sports and basketball. I extend my thanks to all our stakeholders who have trust in Turkish Basketball and hope that the agreement we signed with Tavuk Dünyası brings good luck to our community."

Volkan Mumcu, the CEO of Tavuk Dünyası said: "As one of the most powerful representatives of 'Fast-Casual' restaurant experience in Türkiye, we have been providing our services with the aim of serving everyone our delicacies that are of high quality, tasty and affordable in a place they will feel at ease since the very first day of our foundation. On the other hand, we have strong bond with consumers who are engaged in sports. Long and wholesome plates of Tavuk Dünyası which are balanced in terms of protein and carbohydrate appeal both to the professional athletes and those who are engaged in sports." Stating that "On this road we took to demonstrate our national achievements at a global level, we care about walking with the representatives of our crescent and star and supporting them. We sincerely believe that we will turn over a new leaf full of successes on this journey we embarked with the "Good Team, Good Food" motto. We, as Tavuk Dünyası, are very happy and proud to serve as the Official Nutrition Sponsor of Basketball National Teams for 2 years. Even a little contribution to sports is highly valuable for us, and we would like to add value to our country in any field for years to come. We will keep assuming responsibility both to train athletes in cooperation with the federation and to make a name for our country in the international community", CEO Mumcu expressed that he was very happy to be supportive of the sports and athletes.

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